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With 30 years of expertise, the denkstatt Group leads the way in environmental, sustainability, energy, health, safety, and mobility consulting. Our holistic approach balances economic, ecological, and social performance, ensuring the compatibility of these areas.

CSRD, CDP, TCFD, SBTi: For the most, improving sustainability performance is quite complex. For us, it’s daily business. The same is true for decarbonization, net-zero, ESG, sustainability strategy and reporting – these are just a few of the complex sustainability topics for which we find customized solutions. Our extensive services cover everything from questions about circular economy and sustainability assessments to sustainable finance and supply chain management.

Our international clients, spanning various industries such as food and beverage, automotive, manufacturing, retail, financial, and public sector, trust in our proven track record and expertise. Our choices and results are backed by scientific evidence, research, and data, all in line with international standards. With collaborations with universities, our scientific foundation is solid.

Since our founding in 1993 in Austria, we've been expanding our services and global reach, with offices in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia, as well as a joint venture in the field of operational energy systems. In 2020, sustainable AG in Germany joined the denkstatt Group, further strengthening our interdisciplinary team of over 200 experts from a variety of management, technical, and natural science backgrounds. Join us on our mission to drive sustainability forward.


Associate since 2010
Seregély u.6. 1037 Budapest Hungary






denkstatt Hungary Office

+ 36 1 239 1206

denkstatt - Hungary Offices

Seregély u.6. 1037 Budapest Hungary

Seregély u.6. 1037 Budapest Hungary