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As a leading consultancy company in Central and Eastern Europe, we offer services in the following areas: Resource Management, Sustainability Management, Environmental Management, Urban Management, Energy & Climate, and IT Solutions. Together with our clients from the sectors finance & banking, industry, energy, interest groups and the public sector, we develop solutions which ensure that decisions made today will sustain in a world of tomorrow. Our projects are focused on the optimization of operational performance from economic, environmental and social perspectives. We deal with issues from strategy development, product design to operational management. In the area of representation of interests it is more a matter of analysis of framework requirements and standards as well as optimizing the efficiency. In our work, we put a significant emphasis on the involvement of all participants and the assurance of acceptance of the developed solution statements. Since its founding in 1993, denkstatt has worked on the constant development of its own consulting services and is consequently taking care on the integration of different perspectives. The scope of denkstatt extended with the foundation of our subsidiaries denkstatt Hungary (1998), denkstatt Romania (2007), denkstatt Bulgaria (2007) and denkstatt Slovakia (2011). With the joint venture denkstatt & enertec (2011) we can support our customers in the field of operational energy systems comprehensively. Our customers are from the automotive, paper, chemistry, crude oil, food, electronic system, steel, metal processing, timber, and building material industry to energy supply companies, banking and service companies. They are regarded as medium and large players in their fields. Our interdisciplinary team with over 100 employees is a community of highly motivated and skilled professionals who are trained in a wide range of management-, technical- and natural scientific disciplines. Our different academic backgrounds give us the opportunity to combine a variety of perspectives, with synergies that optimize our consulting services.


Associate since 2010
denkstatt Slovensko s. r. o. Zochova 5 811 03 Bratislava Slovakia







Peter Rakovsky

+421 2 482 91 462

denkstatt - Slovakia Offices

denkstatt Slovensko s. r. o. Zochova 5 811 03 Bratislava Slovakia

denkstatt Slovensko s. r. o. Zochova 5 811 03 Bratislava Slovakia