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Environment Center IFPA - Russia

Environmental Center IFPA was been in the Russian Market since 1989, providing a range of extensive services to different sectors. In its lifetime, the company has significantly contributed to over 100 major federal projects in the Russian territory, acting as the General Contractor in ecology and dealing particularly, but not exclusively, at the federal level projects.

The most essential projects are:

1. Development of oil and gas fields: Bovanenkovskoye and Salym field; Chaivinskoye, Piltun-Astokhskoye and Lunskoye fields (within the Skfhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 Projects) Kvalynskaya, Shirotnaya, Sagmatskaya and Rakushechnaya structures at the Caspian Sea, etc.

2. Construction of Oil and Gas Transportation Systems: East Siberia - Pacific Ocean (ESPO) - 4000 km, Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) - 2000 km, Pipeline System of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium - 850 kmPipeline System Yamal - Center - 2000 km, both onshore and offshore Oil and Gas Pipelines (above 1000 km) and Facilities within the framework 'Sakhalin-2', Pipeline Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok - above 1200 km, Pipeline System 'Kharyaga-Indiga' 650 km, Pipeline 'Russia - China' (Russian part Angarsk- Latsin) - 800 km, Pipeline System 'Altai' - 1500 km.

3. Construction and Reconstruction of Sea Ports, Handling and Mooring Facilities: at the basis of the Black Sea (Hydrocarbons storage and export terminal, Settlement of Shepsi), Complex of Sea Port 'Taman' (Taman Peninsula), Ammonia transshipment complex at Tyumryuksk District, Mooring Facility within the CPC Oil Transportation System (City of Novorosiisk), at the basis of the Baltic Sea ( Transport and trade port at the town of Lomonosov, Oil Terminal at the town of Primorsk), at the basin of the Northern Seas (Murmansk Transport Hub, Complex Facility to receive, store and transport oil, town of Severodvinsk), at the basin of the Okhotsk Sea ( oil shipment terminal, complex mooring facilities to export LNG, onshore processing facility, mooring facility and oil storage facility within the Sakhalin-2 Project).

4. Construction and Reconstruction of Surface Facilities for Air, Railway and Motor Transport: Combined (motor and railway) road Adler - alpine climatic resort Alpika - Servis (Project Sochi-2014), Sheremetyevo International Airport, Vladimir Bypass Road, a number of projects for routing of rail accesses, interfiled and intrafield motor roads, construction of  helicopter pads within the frameworks of development of Oil and Gas Complex projects.

5. Environmental audit and environmental consulting at reconstruction and upgrade of industrial enterprise: OAO 'AvtoVAZ ' (town of Togliatti), OAO IzhAvto (town of Izhevsk), Shareholder Company 'Gorkovsky Automobile Works' (Nuzhnyi Novgorod), OOO 'Orgsintez' (Tula Region), Michelin tire manufacturer  (Moscow Region), Coka-Cola Co plants (Moscow Region and Novosibirsk Region), OAO Sibneft oil producing enterprises and infrastructures (town of Noyabrk, Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District), OAO Lukoil-Langepasneftegas (Khanty-Manasiisk Autonomous District), OOO LUKoil-Permnefteorgsintez (city of Perm), OOO Lukoil-Volgogradnefteproduct (city of Volgograd), a variety of Hallibirton Co oil platforms in different regions of the Russian Federation etc.


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Vernadsky Avenue 94, Building 1, of 6,7,9 / Moscow, Russia, 119571





Yulia Shmeleva


Environmental Center IFPA - Russia Offices

119571 Vernadsky Avenue, 94 build.1, premises XII, Moscow, Russia

119571 Vernadsky Avenue, 94 build.1, premises XII, Moscow, Russia