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GEOtest, A.S. is a Czech company with long-standing expertise in the areas of water, wastewater management and environmental protection. Along with the classic engineering fields of engineering geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology, we are well-equipped in providing engineering, consultative and laboratory services in the areas of remediation, environmental protection, elimination of old ecological loads, waste management, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), ecological audits, risk assessments, and implementation of management systems for enterprises. GEOtest has deep knowledge and experience in holistic project cycle management and in preparation of extensive feasibility studies concerning waste. The main headquarters are located in Brno (Czech Republic). GEOtest also has branch offices in Prague and Ostrava (Czech Republic) and in Utrecht (the Netherlands). Well established subsidiaries exist in Bosnia and Herzegovina (GEOTEST d.o.o. Sarajevo), the Slovak Republic (GEOtest Bratislava s.r.o.), and Mongolia (Mongolgeotest CO., Ltd.), which focuses on soil and ground water protection and water management.


Associate since 2018
Šmahova 1244/112, 627 00, Brno, Czech Republic






Zdeněk Železný


GEOtest - Bosnia and Herzegovina Offices

Šmahova 1244/112, 627 00, Brno, Czech Republic

Šmahova 1244/112, 627 00, Brno, Czech Republic

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