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SAHEL CONSULTING is a global company with international branches and partners in the United States and throughout the world. SAHEL CONSULTING is a member of Inogen Alliance, a consortium of international environmental, health, safety and sustainability companies that operate with a strong and diverse presence in all continents of the world. Together with Inogen Alliance, SAHEL CONSULTING belongs to a network of 4000+ experts who bring sustainable solutions to all problems of development. SAHEL CONSULTING takes an innovative approach to effectively help businesses, governments, public and private organizations to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing costs. SAHEL CONSULTING offers quality services that are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, with exceptional multilingual abilities, that work closely together to deliver sustainable solutions to address each specific issue. SAHEL CONSULTING specializes in sustainability in the following sectors: environment, energy, water, rural and urban development, infrastructures and information systems management. With contacts at all levels in governments and private industries worldwide, SAHEL CONSULTING is your partner of choice for projects conception, execution, monitoring and evaluation. SAHEL CONSULTING works with international companies and has a network of partners and associates in the world to better understand local contexts.


Associate since 2018





Albachir Seydou

+1 704 345 2729

Sahel Consulting - Niger Offices

Route Filingue, Niamey Niger