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andreas.kopton [at]

Where do you live, and where do your companies operate?

I have my office in Harburg, a village in Bavaria, one of the 16 states of Germany. Bavaria is well known for beer, beergardens, Hofbräuhaus and Oktoberfest and the soccer (we call it “football”) team Bayern München. Harburg is located at the well known “Romantic Road” where you find a lot of castles like Neuschwanstein – and in fact Harburg itself is marked by a huge castle. This castle was first mentioned in the year 1133 and is very well preserved. Out there are two options why the castle is so well preserved: it is so strong that nobody could conquer it – or – it was so unimportant that nobody tried to conquer it!? However, the location is marvelous.

What is your background and role?

I am the voice of HPC Europe! I am a shareholder for 20 years and CEO of HPC AG for 34 years.

HPC AG is a German stock corporation with 74 shareholders mainly active and some former employees. HPC is operating with more than 600 employees out of 43 offices around Europe – Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Kosovo.

How long have you been a part of Inogen Alliance and what value does Inogen bring to you as a member?

HPC is one of the three founding members of Inogen. To preserve our client base with multinationals we needed partners around the world who we know, whom we trust and of course who were able to serve our clients abroad. The dream to establish such a platform with a worldwide presence became true: we preserved our key accounts and are winning a lot of workload from our Inogen partners to be done in the HPC geography.