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Taiwan’s largest soil and groundwater remediation company, Taiwan Environment Scientific Corp. Ltd (TESC) (Stock Symbol: 8476), becomes the Taipei Exchange(TPEx)listed company on March 28th 2017. Daniel Chang, the Chief Executive Office of TESC, said that the overall revenue of the TESC’s soil and groundwater business was calculated at about 70 million USD at the end of last year. The market share is only 8.1% of Taiwan. It shows that there is still great opportunity for revenue generation and margin.

According to statistics by Taiwan-EPA in 2016, a total of 6,671 soil and groundwater contaminated sites were listed, which is a 38.29% increase over the 2013 figure. Industry research estimates the required remediation funding is about 8.4~13.5 billion USD, and it is increasing year by year. So, it is relatively beneficial to the industry.

Established in 2003, TESC started business from the field of waste water and air pollution control, and subsequently entered the field of soil pollution investigation and remediation. The main businesses include engineering and consulting services of environmental protection project and waste treatment, They were 92.11% and 5.45% respectively in 2016.

Daniel said that the Taiwan-EPA actively promotes new systems for the treatment of contaminated soil and clearly regulates the environmental protection industries need to obtain the permit of the waste S-class code before it clears and disposals the contaminated soil for the off-site treatment or recycling business. TESC’s soil washing plant obtained the “Reuse Application Permit” in the S-class code in the first quarter of 2017. TESC integrates the re-use channel of soil resource plant to deepen the overall synergies of vertical integration of soil remediation services, and create a best solution for the contaminated soil for circular economy.