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Companies – of all shapes and sizes – need to act now to address the energy management system within their organizations. Whether to support commitments to achieve Net Zero; reduce energy security concerns; comply with national or regional legislation or supply chain demands; get ready for energy transition, or simply to reduce exposure to increases in energy costs, corporations have the opportunity to meet the urgency of global climate change with measures that will both reduce energy consumption, cost and carbon footprint.

We strategize with global companies to help formalize a plan for energy management that is doable now, to help them in the future with energy transition and sustainability consulting. Understanding the source of their energy, the breakdown of what kind of energy is used, and their goals going forward related to energy use are all important topics we discuss with clients. In understanding energy management systems, it is important to conduct a facilities management audit to identify where there might be value and savings available by reduction of consumption or shifting to renewable energy sources. 

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Global Implementation with Local Variables

The beauty of Inogen Alliance is that we can help clients to implement truly global Energy Management Systems, using a standardised ISO50001 approach but which also takes into account the nuances in local legislation, guidance and culture - with support from our sustainability experts all around the world.

Rob Molyneux
Rob Molyneux
Delta Simons, UK (part of the Lucion Group)
Sustainability Unit Director

Understand Energy Management Now for a Better Future.

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At a global level we help multinational companies navigate various opportunities and strategies for successful energy management in their sustainability strategies. We identify key stakeholders and ensure engagement for strategic decisions and successful implementation of energy management plans. Our team develops and implements global programs and site specific procedures including employee training, required documentation and ISO certification readiness audits and gap analysis.

Services include:

  • Corrective Action Tracking and Closure
  • Develop and provide employee training 
  • ISO Development of EMS Required Documentation (policy, objectives, manual, procedures, work instructions, guidelines/SOPs, and records and forms)
  • ISO Certification Readiness Audits
  • ISO compliance Gap Analysis

Key results:

  • Energy management plans geared toward the future
  • Reduced energy consumption with monetary savings
  • Plans to develop decarbonized energy sourcing
  • ISO readiness and employee training
Energy Management Systems