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DGE Group was founded in 1985 in Denmark, providing consultancy to the mineral, oil and gas exploration sector, but quickly expanded to provide additional environmental services. DGE Group's home market is Scandinavia with its expansion market in the Baltic Sea Region, but also takes part in international projects.

DGE Group operates from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and has a trusted partner in Finland. DGE has approximately 150 consultants in 16 office locations. Its primary resource is its devoted and skilled employees in its core competence areas, including Corporate Environmental Protection, Environmental Real Estate Assessments and Engineering.


Norra Långgatan 1 Box 258 SE-391 23 Kalmar Sweden





Heikki Kalle

+372 502 5563

DGE - Sweden Offices

Gullbergs Strandgata 9 SE-411 04 Göteborg Sweden

Husargatan 3, 211 28 Malmö, Sweden

Kungsgatan 16 SE-753 32 Uppsala Sweden

Norra Långgatan 1 Box 258 SE-391 21 Kalmar Sweden