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No matter where your facilities are located, having effective emergency response programs in place helps assure the safety of your employees, the protection of assets, and swift recovery following a disaster. Regardless of regulations, we believe that a comprehensive emergency response plan coupled with impactful employee training are an essential cornerstone to any environment, health and safety (EHS) program. Our global team of Inogen Alliance associates work together to address local regulations, prepare for emergencies most likely to occur at a given location, coordinate training, and provide for effective means of communication during an event. Allow us to help coordinate your global emergency response plans and ensure a well-organized response in the inevitable event of an emergency impacting your global sites.

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Technology Advancements in Emergency Response

Emergency Response programs are universally applicable across all kind of occupancies, be it an office / residential building or a complex petrochemical installation. The latest trend in this field is Integration of all emergency services – medical, fire, disaster together with technology advancements. The technology initiatives include Google passcode, What3words and Mobile location based services & GPS for locating the person. Utilization of Artificial Intelligence is also being attempted to identify people in distress automatically and triggering emergency call to the control room with location information.

Jithesh S V
Jithesh S V
Chola, India

Emergency Response Programs, Customized for You.

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Services Include:

  • Program Development
  • Training
  • Facilitation of drills

Key Results:

  • A more prepared workforce, knowledgeable of appropriate response in the midst of an emergency
  • Better control and management during an emergency that results in cost controls and a quicker return to full operations
  • Global regulatory compliance
Emergency Response Programs & Training