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One of the best ways to prevent injuries and incidents is to learn from past events and near misses. It's easier to prioritize and implement workplace safety controls when you're dedicated to the open and timely reporting of incidents and near misses. In turn, this helps eliminate the risk of a repeat event, creating safer workplaces.

We offer a comprehensive incident prevention solution that encompasses several key components to reduce the potential risk of workplace injury:

  • Easy Reporting Methods: This encourages a proactive approach and builds a work environment where it's easier for your workforce to alert management of incidents and near misses when there are safety concerns.
  • Prompt Investigation and Follow-Up: It’s essential to address workplace hazards as soon as they are found and incidents as soon as they occur. We make sure investigations are promptly initiated once an issue is reported.
  • Data Analysis: We collect and analyze incident data to identify trends and potential hazards. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions and implementing preventive measures to reduce the risk of future incidents.
  • Effective Claim Management: Managing incident-related claims can be complex. We streamline the claims process, making it more efficient and transparent. This helps reduce costs and ensures fair and timely compensation for affected individuals.
  • Return-to-Work Processes: Getting employees back to work after an incident is crucial for their well-being and your company's productivity. Seamless return-to-work processes facilitate a smooth transition for employees recovering from injuries or accidents.
  • Timely Reporting for Compliance: Timely reports help your company stay compliant with legal and insurance obligations.

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Manage Globally your Incident Prevention Programs

Taking weak signals and minor incidents into account in overall risk management strategies is never a waste of time. It enables to better identify and control situations hazardous to people or environment, and to avoid serious accidents and losses. Inogen Alliance has professionals skilled in these matters, often at the interface between several technical and organizational areas, to help our customers improve their overall performance.

Cyril Pujol
Cyril Pujol
Antea Group, France

Comprehensive Solutions to Prevent Injuries and Incidents.

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Achieving these objectives is particularly challenging when a company operates in multiple jurisdictions. The institutions established to oversee claims, pay them, and assist impacted parties vary by location. The reporting structures are unique, and there is confusion in understanding compulsory insurance obligations and how they align or conflict with state or country-run systems and universal health care programs. 

Cultural challenges related to reporting have to be considered and coverage varies around the globe. However, despite these challenges we are able to design and implement strategies that provide consistent corporate reporting, tracking, and incident prevention management that results in decreased frequency and severity of incidents. 

Incident Prevention Management Services:

  • Behavior Based Safety Tools Development and Implementation
  • Coordination with insurance third party administrator (TPAs)
  • Develop and implement global programs
  • Develop and implement site-specific procedures
  • Develop and provide employee training
  • Incident Investigation
  • Management of Change Program Development
  • Near Miss Analytics Related to Environmental Programs
  • Loss analysis
  • Return to work programs
  • Occupation Health & Safety

Key Results:

  • Data driven strategies for reduction of claim frequency and severity
  • Prompt and efficient reporting which promotes cost controls
  • Cohesive global program management that ensure compliance with local reporting and injury management standards.
Incident Prevention Solutions, Programs, and Investigation