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The global transition toward low carbon and decarbonized renewable energy sources is accelerating with disruptive impacts to energy companies, energy consumers, and the energy supply chain. Disruption creates opportunity through emerging technologies, new markets, and available project funding for renewable energy. 

Inogen Alliance partners are on the cutting edge of these renewable energy advancements as we collaboratively assist our clients with their own energy transition journeys. Our Global Energy Transition Working Group of over 50 professionals representing 20 different companies are committed to establishing the Alliance as a global leader in consulting with clients on their energy transition goals. Our experience and energy service offerings include strategy development through implementation, and align with the asset lifecycle including project development, operation, and decommissioning. We have completed projects across the energy ecosystem including fossil fuels, renewable fuels, and clean power sources, as well as the ecosystem value chain including material procurement, generation, transmission, storage, distribution, and consumption. 

The global footprint of Inogen Alliance allows us to closely track regional and local developments regarding regulatory drivers, shareholder and customer expectations, technological developments, and funding opportunities to guide your company on renewable energy and energy transition. 

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The right partner to implement a global process

The great aspect in collaborating with Inogen Alliance is that clients all over the world are not only supported in local project delivery, but they are given the possibility to benchmark with an international network of proactive and synergic members with the aim of optimizing their strategy in pursuing a just energy transition.

alfredo cappellini
Alfredo Cappellini
HPC, Italy

Global Strategies. Local Consulting.

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At a global scale we help multinational companies navigate various opportunities and strategies for energy transition in their sustainability strategies. We identify key stakeholders and ensure engagement for strategic decisions and successful implementation, operation or decommissioning related to energy transition plans. Our team develops and implements local and site specific programs with the benchmarking and knowledge from a global understanding.

Inogen Alliance Associates provide a suite of services to support energy transition initiatives, including:


Key Results:

  • Environmental Impact Studies for Key Energy Clients
  • Decommissioning of Outdated Energy Facilities
  • Sustainability Strategy Development and Reporting Disclosures
  • Development of Low-Carbon Transition Plans
  • Water Stewardship Strategy for Energy Intensive Facilities
  • Energy management plans geared toward the future
  • Reduced energy consumption with monetary savings
  • Plans to develop decarbonized energy sourcing