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With growing concern worldwide about the increasing number of industrial accidents that are impacting entire communities and populations, there is also an increased awareness for the need to protect people and the environment from these disastrous events. Places that used to be rural, or industrial plants that were further out from communities, are encroached upon as city populations grow and expand to more of these locations where there could be dangerous and hazardous materials at sites.

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Global Involvement to Achieve the Best Solutions

Being globally involved in a project means being able to share the best management techniques and solutions. We do not want to be simply in compliance with our regulations, but we aim to achieve optimal standards, keeping our view on the future.

Maria Chiara Frigerio
Maria Chiara Frigerio
HPC, Italy

We Understand Hazardous Materials Management So You Don't Have To.

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Our team of global hazardous materials consultants have expertise mitigating risks and implementing site-specific procedures in dealing with dangerous goods. Within our client facilities, the management of raw and finished materials are also a safety risk that require developing controls to keep employees safe.

Services include:

  • Chemical/Dangerous Goods storage design
  • Global Policy and procedure development for hazardous materials and dangerous goods management.
  • Hazardous Materials and Dangerous goods management and hazmat transportation training, development, and presentation.
  • Development of GHS Compliant Safety Data Sheets
  • Laboratory Services
  • Perform site inspections, record-keeping, and reporting
  • Innovative technology systems for Chemical Inventory Support
  • Spill/Emergency Response Plan Development


  • Consistent Corporate HazMat/DG Policy that addresses country-specific requirements.
  • Identification of weaknesses in the hazardous materials management program to strategically improve compliance.
  • Create a safety culture focused on protecting the employees and the environment
  • Data trending on compliance to confirm safety and environmental key performance indicators (leading indicators)
Hazardous and Dangerous Materials Management