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Inogen Alliance supports global clients by completing hundreds of environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability compliance and facility optimization audits annually. Unlike our competitors, we don’t hire subs or contractors, we use our own resources with their local knowledge and access to our global network of expertise.

All of our Inogen Alliance auditors are experienced in the local spirit and intent of the regulations, speak multiple languages, and are trained to a client’s unique expectations for the audit program. Consistently consistent is our goal for our global auditing program – the same audit experience will occur regardless of the physical location. This allows us to trend results over geographies for our clients to be able to obtain more than simply a single audit report. 

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Worldwide Audit Programs

The global presence of Inogen Alliance is a key factor in much of the audit work we do with our clients.  Without it, we would not be able to complete audit projects and audit programs, while providing value and building client relationships.

lauren corbett-noon
Lauren Corbett-Noon
Antea Group, USA

Global Auditing Programs. Consistently Consistent.

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We support multi-media EHS audits, special interest audits (e.g., energy, dangerous goods storage, waste management, etc.), ISO certification preparation assessments, internal audit team augmentation, and/or supply chain audits. We understand each company has unique components to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and work with you to ensure this stays a priority.

During our audits, our consultants provide a value add to the site personnel by answering compliance questions, providing best practices from their extensive auditing experience, and assisting in continuing to grow a client’s EHS and sustainability culture.  

EHS Management and Auditing Services include:

  • Customized EHS and sustainability audit program scaled to review client’s specific risks
  • Risk assessments
  • Execution of EHS and sustainability regulatory compliance audits
  • Globalized protocol or country-specific protocol options
  • Detailed corrective action plans
  • Audit Program validation services
  • Data Analytics and Visualization for audit reports
  • Multi-lingual with English speaking local EHS consultants and corporate officials.

Key results:

  • Consistent audit approach around the world to reduce EHS compliance risks
  • On-site or virtual resources to help improve site awareness and application of EHS and sustainability state, local, regional, and federal legal requirements. 
  • Ability to compare compliance status and trends by business unit, region, facility, topic to track the impact of audits and health of the EHS program.
  • Assurance that EHS, environmental compliance, and sustainability risks are continuing to improve
Inspection and Auditing