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Rethinking EHS:

Global Goals. Local Delivery.

The key to a sustainable future lies in our ability to coordinate global efforts built on the foundation of local expertise. So how can those of us passionate about protecting planet and people harness this knowledge and turn it into practical solutions on a worldwide scale?

On this podcast, we'll traverse the globe to unearth the stories of EHS and sustainability communities making an impact on the ground. We'll share compelling stories from biodiversity and energy transition to workplace safety and more; expert insights, on topics such as PFAS and CSRD, and diverse perspectives to highlight tangible solutions and share innovative strategies to drive change.

Whether you're an EHS practitioner, a sustainability specialist, or a leader striving to improve your organization, join us, as we explore the path forward and Rethink EHS.

Brought to you by Inogen Alliance.

Rethinking EHS: Global Goals. Local Delivery.
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Hosted by Phil Dillard

Our professional host is Phil Dillard an entrepreneur, educator, business strategist, Lean Startup expert and subject matter expert and practitioner of Waste-to-Value, Circular Economy and Regenerative Economy solutions. As a former naval officer, corporate strategist and manufacturing executive, Phil managed organizational growth, business strategy, fundraising and operations. Phil is the Founder & CEO of Thruline Networks. He believes in business as a force for good and regularly highlights its ability to drive prosperity and elevate the standard of living globally.

Latest Episodes

Rising above the Floods: Stories from Flood-Affected Communities

Episode: #2 | July 9, 2024

Flooding, one of the most dangerous natural disasters, is becoming increasingly prevalent due to climate change. Millions of people around the world are impacted by floods and the effects stretch far beyond the physical destruction. This episode features interviews with experts Andreas Deckelmann, Senior Consultant for Hydrogeology and Environment at HPC; Jon Rix, Principal Flood Risk Consultant at Tonkin + Taylor; and Agenor Freitas, Field Technician at Antea Brasil. They share their harrowing experiences during devastating floods in Germany, New Zealand, and Brazil. They also discuss the innovative solutions and strategies they are developing to help communities mitigate the effects of disasters like floods. Despite adversity, their stories of courage and community support offer not only hope and inspiration, but also invaluable insights for a more climate resilient future.
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Rethinking EHS Around the World with Angelique Dickson, President of the Inogen Alliance & SVP, Antea Group USA

Episode: #1 | June 25, 2024

This episode features an interview with Angelique (Angie) Dickson, the President of the Inogen Alliance and Senior Vice President of Antea Group USA. She brings over two decades of global management and consulting experience focused on sustainability in a global climate. In this episode, Angie explores the current EHS landscape and the ways we are rethinking the future of EHS. She highlights major EHS challenges and future trends and emphasizes the need for global cooperation and agility. In addition to the conversation with Angie, we’ll hear from other EHS leaders around the world about their thoughts on rethinking EHS.
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Rethinking EHS Trailer

Episode: #Trailer | April 12, 2024

The key to a sustainable future lies in our ability to coordinate global efforts built on the foundation of local expertise.
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