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HPC AG is one of the leading engineering enterprises in the environmental sector worldwide. We are strongly committed to projects in the fields of land recycling, environmental, occupational safety consulting, geotechnics and infrastructure planning. Our services and engineering projects have a considerable positive impact on our environment and help stimulate entire regions. A mission setting such ambitious goals requires responsibility: towards our customers and our society. Since 1948 this commitment has guided our endeavors. To keep our finger on the pulse, we also rely on our in-house network at many specialized locations – not only in Germany with 30 branches, also in France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Spain, Kosovo and Hungary, with a total of over 650 motivated employees. We have set our high goals towards the delivery of practical and scientifically sound solutions. Our goal is to minimize the expenditure as well as the time and the effort for our clients. The expertise of our experienced staff is the key to this goal and this applies to HPC as a whole. We rely on methods with predictable impacts and strive for long-term security in our solutions. Our specialized staff will be there for you with advice and support. 24 / 7 – worldwide. Our enterprise is one of the founding members of Inogen Alliance and our activities in environmental consultancy guarantee the highest quality standards.


Nördlinger Straße 16 86655 Harburg Germany






Henry Schneider

+49 160 7066830

HPC - Germany Offices

Jülicher Straße 318-320 52070 Aachen Germany

Dieselstraße 16 15370 Fredersdorf BERLIN Germany

Emilienstr. 13 04107 Leipzig Germany

Niedervellmarsche Str. 30 34233 Fuldatal Germany

Greimelstrasse 28a 83236 Übersee am Chiemsee Germany

Karlsruher Straße 88 76139 Karlsruhe Germany

Chemnitzer Straße 16 70597 Stuttgart-Degerloch Germany

Max-Planck-Straße 8 50354 Hürth Germany

Melanchthonweg 12 59494 Soest Germany

Am Jagdschlößle 13 89520 Heidenheim Germany

An der Heide 03130 Schwarze Pumpe/Spremberg Germany

Nördlinger Straße 16 86655 Harburg Germany

Schütte 12-16 72108 Rottenburg Germany

Winsener Str. 1 21271 Hanstedt Germany

Gewerbeparkstraße 54 51580 Reichshof Germany

Bluecherstraße 11 22767 Hamburg Germany

Parkstraße 25 88212 Ravensburg Germany

Carl-Giesecke-Str. 3a 37079 Göttingen Germany

Fritz-Reichle-Ring 6a 78315 Radolfzell Germany

Ziegelhofstraße 210a 79110 Freiburg i. Br. Germany

Gaswerkstraße 26 77652 Offenburg Germany

Kapellenstrasse 45 a 65830 Kriftel Germany

Steinfeldstraße 1 90425 Nürnberg Germany

Neumarkt 7-11 47119 Duisburg Germany

Kistlerhofstrasse 70 81379 München Germany

Alter Hellweg 46 44379 Dortmund Germany

Am Stadtweg 8 06217 Merseburg / OT Atzendorf Germany

Wilhelm-Herbst-Straße 5 28359 Bremen Germany

Forsthaus, Schloss Eller Heidelberger Straße 30B 40229 Düsseldorf Germany

Industriestrasse 2 79541 Lörrach Germany

Bleicherstraße 8 87437 Kempten Germany