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water source assessment

Source Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) for Global Beverage Plants in 20 Countries


Our Client has developed a worldwide program – Source Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) – to assess the production water supply reliability for all its plants. This program includes the assessment of private water supply (wells), municipal water supply, water transportation and storage, water treatment, waste storage and handling, wastewater, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the local environment. The main aim of the program is to evaluate risks and sustainability of water supply, water quality, availability of water, environmental protection, compliance with company rules and environmental legal compliance. The SVA is the basis for a Water Management Plan (WMP). A WMP is a management plan designed to identify and reduce risks to water used in manufacturing operations with clear tasks and timelines.

Inogen Solution

Our global, regional and local coverage ensured that we were able to support with project management and organization with HPC leading the project.

• Developed an SVA toolkit for global roll-out

• Performed site visit and interviews with site representatives

• Identification and assessment study of the social, environmental, economic, regulatory and political risks to sources of process water

• Reporting including analysis of potential risks and recommended corrective actions

Client Benefits

• Technically appraised facilities

• Safety regarding a sustainable water supply for the single bottling plants

• Consistent consultancy services worldwide


What can one do without water… indeed absolutely NOTHING! We all need three things to survive: clean air, a functioning ecosystem and water, the later is the cycle of life - protect it!

About the Client

Global Beverage company