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Construction projects inherently bring risk to an organization. That risk can be in many forms, but one of the most concerning risks is that which impacts the safety of construction workers and the surrounding community. Unchecked risks on a construction site can result in deadly consequences to not only the workers at the site, but also to the neighboring properties and community.

Controlling risks during a construction project begins with the selection of the contractors and extends to oversight during the project and a safe transfer at the end of the project. Our construction safety experts understand the construction life cycle and can assist companies with solutions and management of these projects around the globe.

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Services in Emerging Markets

The power of Inogen Alliance globally has opened up opportunities to provide these services in emerging markets. The vast resource of experts in the field allow the organization to provide viable solution to clients.

David Cham
David Cham
ESC, Singapore

Construction Safety Experts, Accessible to You.

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Construction Safety Services Include:

  • Assessment of Need
  • Contractor Program Development and Implementation
  • Contractor Pre-Qualification Program
  • On-site H&S Supervision/Inspection
  • Permit to Work Implementation and Development
  • Contractor Management Training
  • Multi-Employer Awareness Training
  • Behavior-Based Safety
  • Fire Protection Strategies

Key Results:

  • Consistent selection and oversight of contractors to minimize risks
  • Limiting liability during major construction projects
Construction Safety Support