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We work with companies to identify and disclose the most material topics for their organization, construct corporate sustainability reports and align their responses to reporting frameworks such as GRI and CDP. Identifying and highlighting a company’s most relevant ESG topics is the first step, followed by effectively communicating those to stakeholders using data to back up their claims. We recognize the importance of developing a report that outlines future goals and steps to be taken in order for a company to improve their ESG performance, while still aligning those goals with their business model and financial capabilities. We work across all industries and sectors including energy, real estate, retail, chemical, manufacturing, technology, food & beverage and more.

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Increased ESG Transparency

The sustainability reporting landscape continues to move toward increased ESG transparency and stronger alignment with globally-recognized frameworks. It is more important than ever to have a solid global presence in this space. This enables us to keep our clients informed, aligned and compliant with local requirements and initiatives that ultimately feed into global reports and programs.

laura nelson
Laura Nelson
Antea Group, USA

Improve Your ESG Performance.

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Services include:

  • Sustainability report drafting
  • Materiality assessments
  • CDP reporting
  • GRI assurance
  • Non-financial reporting
  • Validation of reports

Key results:

  • Developed, comprehensive corporate sustainability report outlining key ESG practices within an organization
  • Alignment/reporting against sustainability reporting metrics and frameworks such as GRI, CDP, TCFD, UN SDGs, SASB, DJSI
  • Identification of material topics specific to the organization to better allocate resources
  • Recommendations on goals/targets to set for the future and how to achieve them
Global Sustainability Reporting Services