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Are you looking for a way to assess your ESG progress or test the maturity of your sustainability initiatives and identify where you can improve or tell your story better? Our free detailed global ESG Pre-Screening tool is the first of it’s kind to help companies across any sector develop formal and comprehensive systems to manage ESG/sustainability-related risks and take advantage of potential opportunities.

The ESG Pre-Screening tool collects data on generic ESG-related issues of a company for further analysis. The result is a first overview "snapshot" of your ESG performance. You would receive a visual representation and quick insights to your ESG performance / maturity within 15 mins after submission of the form in your private E-mail the same day.

Please Note: All data is confidentially treated per our data protection policies and would not be shared with third parties.

This brilliant tool was developed by HPC and denxpert digital solutions in collaboration with our global experts. This is our way of supporting you on your ESG journey with easy, free and smart tools/solutions! Our contribution to making the world a better place through you!

Take the survey in our ESG Pre-Screening Tool Here and check out more FAQs below!


Benefits of ESG Screening:

The ESG Pre-Screening Tool empowers organizations to make informed strategic decisions by providing a comprehensive overview of their ESG performance. This insight helps in aligning sustainability initiatives with business objectives. With this tool, you can proactively identify and mitigate ESG-related risks, ensuring better risk management and resilience in the face of changing regulatory landscapes and market expectations. The tool also enables organizations to identify and capitalize on ESG-related opportunities, fostering innovation and competitiveness in the evolving global market as well as ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory requirements such as CSRD in Europe and US SEC ESG directives. This gives organizations confidence in meeting the latest ESG disclosure standards. By offering a rapid self-assessment it provides cost-effective and time-efficient insights into ESG performance.


Q: What is the ESG Pre-Screening Tool?

The ESG Pre-Screening Tool is a digital survey designed to assess and benchmark an organization's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance. The test was developed to quickly assess the areas in which companies need to improve in order to strengthen their sustainability report and maturity level. 


Q: How does the ESG Pre-Screening Tool work?

Users submit data related to generic ESG issues through the tool, and within 15 minutes, you receive a visual representation and quick insights into your ESG performance maturity via a private email. 

You will receive a questionnaire that will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. You tick boxes with "Yes/ No / Unknown / Not applicable" answer options to the best of your ability. There are no right or wrong answers. Questions can be skipped and answered again later. Only click the "Send" button when you are sure of all your answers. Once you have clicked "Send", you may no longer be able to edit your answers. After submitting, you will automatically receive an ESG snapshot by e-mail with your result within 15 minutes. The tool facilitates a fast and automated assessment process.


Q: What kind of data do I need to provide?

Companies need to submit data on generic ESG-related issues. You will need to provide general information about your company (e.g. sector, size, country, contact details) and you should know general information about the ESG system in your company. The tool collects information to offer a snapshot of ESG performance, covering aspects related to environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices.


Q: How long does it take to get results?

Users can expect to receive their ESG performance snapshot within 15 minutes after submitting the required data through the tool.


Q: How is my data protected and kept confidential?

All data submitted through the ESG Pre-Screening Tool is treated confidentially in accordance with our data protection policies. The tool adheres to strict privacy measures, and information is not shared with third parties.


Q: What do I do with the results?

Use the results to gain a real-time overview of your ESG performance. The insights obtained can inform strategic decisions, guide further sustainability initiatives, and contribute to the continuous improvement of ESG practices within your organization.


Q: Can I share my ESG performance snapshot with others?

Yes. You can share your results with your stakeholders or teams to demonstrate your current performance or commitments to a more sustainable pathway or sustainability management in your firm. However the privacy policy and disclaimer governing the tool must be respected.


Q: How do I get further support regarding my survey result?

In addition to the ESG snapshot results that we send out after the questionnaires have been completed, we also offer consultation appointments to discuss the results with you. During this appointment, we discuss which specific areas can be improved and what measures can be taken. Just get in touch with us by filling out the “Contact us” form with your request and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 


“Within the past few years, we have seen a lot of jurisdictional transformation like the CSRD in Europe and the US SEC ESG investing directives requiring firms and capital markets to disclose their ESG commitments. We have also seen firms struggling to understand where to even start with their ESG or Sustainability journeys to be in compliance or meet new requirements. At HPC and across our global network we have the knowledge and the data to start to benchmark ESG status at a very high level by starting with the fundamentals to support our clients to better navigate the ESG landscape. With these recent developments and our available knowledge we decided to partner with denxpert though the Inogen Alliance to bring this data and expertise to life through this first-of-its-kind ESG Pre-Screening / Maturity declaration tool.” Emmanuel Zinsu, Head of ESG & Sustainability, HPC Germany.


“denxpert’s goal is to help companies digitalize their ESG and EHS journey. To put the knowledge of HPC and Inogen Alliance into a self-assessment ESG tool will open up the opportunity for any company around the globe to get a glimpse of their ESG status without needing to first rely on obtaining consultant or other services, “ Róbert Szücs-Winkler, CEO, denxpert.


“ESG is currently one of the biggest challenges for organizations. Next to their financial results the sustainability impacts are expected to become a strategic driver. HPC and denxpert together with our Inogen Alliance Associates are privileged to present the first and fully automated ESG self-assessment digital tool to give companies a lightning fast solution for a real-time overview of their ESG performance or maturity. This is a good first step on their sustainability pathway and a game changer. With the Alliance experts and the denxpert tools we can also support the next steps on their strategic or operative sustainability journey,“ Róbert Szücs-Winkler.