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No matter the industry a company operates in, all businesses use water in some capacity. This means they need to be aware of their water usage, conservation and potential impacts. Water can be an extremely complex resource to manage. A specific water source never feeds one company alone but a multitude of different stakeholders located in a common catchment area. It is vital to step outside a site’s physical perimeter to truly understand, address and mitigate water-related vulnerabilities and challenges that could potentially limit or influence business productivity. We help clients safeguard the environment on all water related issues using our global specialists, from geologists to industrial specialists. We look at water from the time it drops from the sky as a rain drop, to its intake into production processes, to eventual reuse. We ensure good quality and quantity of water for businesses and look at all environmental impacts associated with water use. 

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A Holistic Water Management Approach

In Inogen Alliance we truly believe in working hand in hand with Clients to reach ever more ambitious targets: efficiency and water quality are a great starting point, but the commitment to water stewardship principles is a further steppingstone to developing an integrated and more meaningful system towards a more sustainable future, without leaving anyone behind.

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Beatrice Bizzaro
HPC Italy

Our Global Specialists Help You Effectively Save Water.

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At Inogen Alliance we not only have the technical expertise after decades of working on water conservation with clients around the globe including 300 of the most important watersheds, but we also have the financial modeling and tools to assess risk and come to innovative solutions. From stakeholder engagement in global operations we help businesses truly understand their water resources and outputs including quantity, quality, source and entire lifecycle. On a global scale but at a local level where our consultants are experts on local landscapes, history and regulations we can put these strategies into practice. The local lens is important in water conservation and social risk to a company where the perception is local and the culture around water is unique to each country. We are proactive with our approach to water conservation, we can’t just plan for the short term but need to measure and understand what will likely happen in the future to help prevent potential disaster. 

Water Conservation Consulting Services Include:

  • Nature-based water conservation solutions
  • Onsite Collaborative Optimization Assessment/Training
  • Site inspections, record-keeping, and reporting
  • Source Vulnerability Assessments (SVA's)
  • Water risk assessments
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Performance Data Management
  • Reporting and Disclosure (Report, 3rd Party Disclosures, Investors)
  • Site Portfolio Data Analytics
  • Supply Chain and Product Analytics
  • Water balance studies
  • Freshwater biodiversity
  • Water resource review and auditing
  • Water reuse design and water circularity
  • Water footprinting
  • Feature-based water balance
  • Facility water optimization
  • Water strategy
  • AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship) Certification and correlated activities 

Key results:

  • Improved water efficiency and reuse
  • Cleaner and safer water in the total lifecycle of products or workplace processes
  • Better understanding of water quantity needed and planning for the future
Water Stewardship/Conservation