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Ergonomics: the science of designing the workplace to the worker and helping people more efficiently and comfortably conduct work. That definition translates globally and no matter where on the globe you conduct work, the study of workplace ergonomics can result in improved worker health and productivity. 

Inogen Alliance helps companies around the globe address this issue in a universal way that allows for one consistent corporate program. We consider local workplace ergonomic regulations, cultural nuances related to ergonomic concerns, and a company’s desire to provide a best-in-class service to their employees to help ensure comfort in office, industrial and home-based work environments.

We leverage online tools, remote and in-person assessments, scientifically acceptable methods for evaluation and various training formats to help ensure the most ergonomically-correct workstations are available to your employees.

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Global Coverage in Local Requirements

Explore our competitive ergonomic services tailored for diverse and local needs at a global scale, ensuring safety and productivity in all aspects of work whether in the office, in a home office, in a field setting, warehouse, or more. 

joyne zhou
Joyne Zhou
Anew Global Consulting, China

Comfortable Workplace. Improved Productivity and Well-being.

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Services include:

  • Design Specification & Support
  • Ergonomics Training 
  • Industrial Ergonomic Assessments/Studies
  • Office Ergonomic Assessments/Studies
  • Product / Equipment Review
  • Product Selection & Support

Key Results:

  • Safer workplace safety
  • Consistent global service delivery 
  • Regulatory compliance