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Water represents various and complex challenges around the world - sustainable resource management, access to drinking water and sanitation services, climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, energy transition, circular economy, sustainable and smart cities, etc.  Drawing upon our global collaborative Inogen Associates of hydrologists, hydrogeologists, biologists, civil and environmental engineers, urban planners, soil experts, environmental technologists, IT specialists and environmental regulatory compliance experts - we understand the global and local water challenges and develop solutions that contribute to the protection of the water resource, its efficient use, proper disposal, and sustainable development.

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Creating Healthier and More Resilient Communities

Inogen Alliance has increased our international presence and facilitated access to a larger range of corporate clients. As companies and the general public become more aware of climate change and its impacts, proper water resource management is sure to be one of the important issues for development going forward. We’re currently working on the feasibility studies for sewage and sanitation in 3 major coastal towns in Costa Rica, helping to create healthier and more resilient communities.

jose dengo
Jose Dengo
CDG Environmental Advisors, Costa Rica

Global Thinking. Local Delivery.

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Services include:

  • Water/Wastewater/Stormwater policy and management strategy 
  • Assessments of water risk, use, impact and footprint 
  • Water source and watershed protection/water security engagement (via Source Vulnerability Assessment)
  • Engineering services for process water including but not limited to treatment, saving, reuse 
  • Assistance with permitting and performance requirements for environmental compliance
  • Feasibility studies, diagnosis of water use, compliance audits 
  • Measurements & monitoring of watershed data (polluted sites, hydrobiology, water environments)
  • Project management for design and realization 
  • Assistance in compliance activities for commissioning, operation & maintenance of facilities
  • Environmental data management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) modeling, and digital tools to solve complex problems
  • Environmental & social impact assessments 
  • Flood/rainwater forecasting
  • Risk assessments & mitigation plans
  • Facility optimization to reduce water usage

Key results:

  • Develop a water governance strategy/policy
  • Stormwater planning and training to responsible parties within a client company
  • Source Vulnerability Assessments to validate long-term management of resources and/or investments
  • Compliance with country-specific and/or permit specific requirements
  • Measurements and assessment of ground water, surface water, wastewater and stormwater 
  • Modelling of hydro systems and of strategies of resource allocation
  • Flood forecasting, early warning systems, risk mapping & development of decision support systems 
  • Climate change, vulnerability, multi-hazard risk assessment and management plans 
  • Numerical & Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling
Water/Wastewater Engineering Services