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We work with banks and pension fund portfolios to assess the carbon value of portfolios, looking at the carbon footprint and all Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects. With an increased likelihood of environmental degradation, it is more important now than ever for businesses to pay attention to their Environmental, Social and Governance practices. Through our work with banks and investors, we understand that businesses with no ESG focus are less appealing for investors looking to develop a sustainable portfolio, as they are less resilient and lack longevity. We bring in our experience on this subject to help investors determine the best financial route for them. 

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ESG Risk Management and Gap Analysis Across Continents

Inogen Alliance allows us to confidently demonstrate skills, capabilities and resources on a global scale. This has enabled us to successfully win two major multi year retainer framework agreements to provide ESG Risk Management and Gap Analysis services to the financial sector in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.  Without the backing of Inogen Alliance associates we would not have been able to be this successful.

james pearson
James Pearson
Pacific Risk Advisors, Hong Kong

Understand ESG Best Practices to Invest Responsibly.

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ESG Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis Services include:

  • Rating of investment products
  • Sustainable portfolio management
  • Rating engineering
  • Development of sustainable finance vehicles
  • Climate/carbon due diligence

Key results and benefits:

  • Focus on ESG criteria within your company’s portfolio
  • Reduction of risks associated with ESG-issues
  • Value protection and potentially increase
Responsible Investments / ESG