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As the world tries to implement more reuse and recycling of products and waste with a circular economy, waste management becomes more of a topic. Improper waste management has some of the largest regulatory fines, so our clients are keen to understand compliance and look for ways to reduce waste production at their facilities.

The way we manage waste materials is evolving. Our team of global experts has visibility and knowledge in new best waste management practices and innovations for waste strategies, including the promotion of circular strategies. We work with landfills, incinerators, solvent recovery sites, electronics recycling, packaging waste, and more with our clients around the world. We offer a deep understanding of risk and regulations, and know that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to waste disposal.


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Zero Waste to Landfill Programs

Garbage classification, waste recycling and utilization, and zero waste landfill to save land resources are emerging topics we’re seeing with clients. I worked on a Zero Waste to Landfill Program for a World Leading Consumer Electronics Company in assessing waste management of the suppliers, identifying reduction/reuse/recycle opportunities, reviewing waste generation data, and following up on waste diversion progress. A number of electronic plants have acquired the zero waste to landfill certification issued by UL.

tom tang
Tom Tang
SIET, China

Global Recycling Experts. Local Impact.

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Our Waste Management Services include:

  • Compliance and facility optimization audits
  • Corporate waste strategy and planning services
  • Country and site specific waste compliance and minimization training.
  • Generation permit/authorization support
  • Identification of the types of waste and waste stream mapping
  • Laboratory services
  • Waste management optimization
  • Waste storage area setup


  • Global waste identification and waste stream mapping
  • Consistent corporate waste policy that addresses country-specific requirements
  • Waste management optimization
  • Data trending on waste compliance and minimization goals