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Projects Med & Mouse

Czech Republic

SEGRO European Logistics Partnership S.à.r.l. (SELP) was created in June 2013 by SEGRO Plc (SEGRO) and a joint venture partner to provide a leading logistics property joint venture in Continental Europe.

Project Med was the name given to the due diligence activities associated with the creation of SELP and involved the assessment of 32 assets across France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic & Netherlands, which SEGRO contributed to the JV partnership. The objective of the works was to provide comfort and surety for the JV partner on investment risks associated with the creation of the SELP portfolio.

Project Mouse was the first substantial acquisition of further assets by SELP and comprised 14 further modern logistics assets. These assets, located across Germany, Poland and France, were acquired from two funds, one managed by Tristan Capital Partners (CCPIII) and the other co-managed by Tristan Capital Partners and AEW Europe (EPISO).

The projects were completed over an 18 month period between September 2012 and March 2014.

Inogen Solution

Inogen Alliance provided services initially to SEGRO and subsequently SELP to address environmental risks and liabilities associated with the assets included in the SELP Portfolio. Services were delivered directly by Associates, who provided in-country expertise to gather data, regulatory authority liaison services, and delivered intrusive investigations and specialist site audits.

Client Benefits

Throughout the due diligence process the Client understood the investment risks posed by environmental issues and could revise their commercial position accordingly. With the appropriate level of technical due diligence, combined with practical commercial consultancy advice, environmental risks were managed throughout the process and were not allowed to become a significant material consideration in the investment process, therefore allowing a suitable capital expenditure figure to be allocated to deal with statutory risks and liabilities.

A clearly defined Portfolio Management Plan prioritised post-acquisition tenant and site management activities. This allowed appropriate operational expenditure budgets to be developed and allocated to asset managers, with clear information audit trails to demonstrate compliance and mitigate the risk of future due diligence issues and asset devaluation. 

Delta-Simons are a key part of our delivery team and their advice is invaluable to our business decision making process. Their blend of technical knowhow and commercial sense, together with their attention to our needs has created a strong working relationship that goes back over many years.  The value of the Inogen Alliance to our European operations is also huge. Delivery of services in multiple countries by respected in-country consultants, with the whole thing managed by and through Delta-Simons who interpret the issues in their tried and tested manner provides a strong business offering that is impossible to ignore.”

About the Client

SEGRO European Logistics Partnership S.à.r.l. (SELP) is a 50:50 JV between SEGRO plc and their joint venture partner. SEGRO is a leading owner, asset manager and developer of modern warehousing, light industrial and data centre properties, with the joint venture partner being one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers.

SELP intends to grow the portfolio to at least €2 billion through developments and acquisitions over the coming years.