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Environment Analyst, an international membership community for the environmental services space, featured an article including Inogen Alliance and our associates denkstatt and denxpert. Check out a few excerpts below from the article or click here to view the full published article on their website.

Alliances with other consulting firms can help optimise delivery in a volatile and fast-moving marketplace.

With global clients in a global economy, consultancies frequently need to punch above their weight. Forming partnerships with firms based in other countries allows them to expand the expertise on offer and provide a more localised service wherever the client is operating, and especially so when it comes to ESG consulting.

This was evident at a recent online sustainability webinar, hosted by the Hungarian and Austrian EHS & sustainability consultancies denxpert and denkstatt, both of which are members of the Inogen Alliance. ‘Stronger together’ might well have been the cri de cœur at an event that sought to distinguish between corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) approaches against a backdrop of harmonising standards and the prospect of tougher trading conditions for some of the world’s largest companies.

A recent meeting of Inogen Alliance member representatives in Spain – the first face-to-face gathering since before Covid – identified four key drivers for companies to consider as part of their ESG strategies:

 (i) Pressure from the financial sector as it includes ESG rankings and ratings in assessing access to finance

(ii) Consumer purchasing behaviour becoming more driven by corporate ethical governance and social purpose

(iii) Policies and regulations at national and local levels, which are increasingly likely to take environmental and social factors into account

(iv) Markets are favouring companies with an integrated ESG programme, including responsible supply chains

"We have to learn that ESG is no longer about doing things right within the fence of the company, but understanding and managing the material topics within the whole value chain," Christian Plas, managing director at denkstatt Austria told the meeting. "Offering smart services and managing sustainable supply chains is about a deep and responsible understanding of one’s business."

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