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water circularity

Our global Antea Group water team sat together virtually to reflect back on 2020 and what a rollercoaster of a year it was. They all agreed that while COVID-19 dominated the headlines, significant attention has been placed on how society and governments are awakening to the realities of climate change. With the trends of warming temperatures, fast-melting polar ice, increased incidence and severity of extreme weather events, it’s clear that climate change is rearing its ugly head through the disruption of our planet’s water cycle. To further highlight this reality, we thought it would be timely to offer some global perspectives. In the full article, some of our water resource experts from around the world share trends they are seeing and offer solutions to get in front of these shared water challenges. 

Some of the insights focused on the extremes with floods and droughts, the need for better water stewardship, innovative solutions and land management strategies to restore the natural water cycle. Others discussed water circularity and the need to invest and collaborate between stakeholders. Our experts also focus on science-based approaches and regional differences. What matters now is how we use the lessons 2020 taught us and turn them into catalysts for positive change. Because after 2020, we can all use more positivity in our lives.

Read the full blog with perspectives from our experts in the USA, France, Belgium and Brazil.