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specialized talent on demand

Finding specialists to add to a project team can be quite challenging. Sourcing candidates, negotiating compensation, onboarding, and dealing with employee turnover are only some of the challenges when hiring employees; and these challenges only become more difficult when dealing with specialists or short-term projects.

Talent on-demand, also known as ‘Resources-as-a-Service (RaaS)’, is an excellent way to deal with these challenges while minimizing disruption to the company. Resourcing specialists reduces overhead with screening and hiring, eases compliance with regulations, can fill a specific gap or project need, and reduces downtime during turnover. This article describes talent resourcing and outlines why it could be a good fit for your business.

Save Money and Time with Temporary Specialized Hires

The first clear benefit of talent resourcing is that it avoids much of the overhead of screening and hiring, especially for more specialized areas, for specialists in different countries, and for short-term projects. Your company may not have sufficient expertise to properly screen hires for specialized areas. A specialist consulting firm can serve as your trusted partner to ensure that the person coming into your company is appropriately trained, competent, and fits culturally.

This is especially useful when hiring a specialist in a different geography from the hiring manager since a local specialist’s knowledge cannot be easily replicated. For short-term projects or specialized needs, you can create a specific engagement for the project’s duration and you will not have to hire a full-time employee who might not be needed after the project is complete.

Hiring an employee is time-consuming. A third-party resource can either serve as a long-term team member or fill a gap while you look for the right person to become a full-time employee.

Ease Compliance 

Talent resourcing also eases compliance, especially when expanding into new markets. Hiring a local consulting company to staff your project reduces administrative overhead and de-risks labor law compliance so you can focus on your core business operations instead of administrative tasks. For more specialized areas, certain certifications may be required for certain types of work, and resourcing partners can ensure that your staff have the appropriate training, experience, and supervision for any tasks that happen on your site in that specific location.

Flexible Assignments for your Specific Needs

Another benefit is that the consultant will only charge for the time they are actually working, and they are often more flexible about working on-site vs. at home. Many specialized workers are able to perform much of their work from home, so depending on the project you can hire world-class specialists regardless of the project site. These workers usually spend less time in general meetings with the team and are able to focus more easily on the specific work tasks in front of them.

Furthermore, the consultant’s time can be budgeted according to the unique needs of the project, and the required time can flex according to the project’s needs. As an additional benefit, the unique expertise they develop can be a valuable resource to everyone in the company.

Learn from their Expertise

Finally, third-party resourcing partners can reduce downtime during turnover by providing backup resources who can quickly become familiar with your company. Most third-party resources will document their activities and collaborate with others in their own organizations to get advice, so it is often easier for a new third-party resource to join your team than to hire a replacement employee.

This is particularly true for specialist employees who may be scarce in the job market – these employees require a lot of time to locate and hire, and then they must spend even more time learning about your specific company before they can contribute effectively. A third-party partner will also perform a detailed handover to a new permanent employee and train them to take over the new position. For these reasons, resourced talent is a great way to fill gaps in your organization quickly and effectively.

In summary, talent on-demand can be valuable for your organization, especially if you are hiring specialist employees. Talent resourcing avoids overhead with screening and hiring, allowing you to focus on core business activities. It eases compliance and ensures that your employees possess the appropriate training, experience, and supervision for any tasks that they may complete. The resources only charge for time where work is being completed, can focus more easily and can offer expertise to others in the organization.

Finally, talent resourcing can reduce downtime during turnover by providing backup resources who can quickly become familiar with your company. Resourcing talent on-demand could be a key tool for any business leader who wishes to bring additional talent to their team.

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