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What Global Thinking, Local Delivery really means?

Due to the nature of my work, I travel all around the world, and I see every day different cultures, economies, and climatic conditions, that makes me reflect on the real meaning of things, and this made me think about our Inogen   tagline: Global Thinking, Local Delivery and its real meaning.  Its meaning goes beyond these four powerful words, and that is what provides to us the real ability to say, “we are global, we are Inogen”.  When you say that you can provide services globally, you need to ensure that you can serve multi-national organizations in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific or the Americas.  We do this without hesitation, with the capacity to have local experts that understand the culture, the country situation, and the technical challenges, and they are able to communicate properly with their peers in other geographies to make certain that the client will receive the same quality, consistency and cost-effective solutions in all its facilities around the world.  This is what really is to have global thinking and local delivery. And proudly, we honor our tagline. 

Recently, we met in Stresa, Italy, and this was a clear example of what I am saying: 34 countries were represented by more than 40 Associate companies, talking about industry trends, possibilities, and future for environment, health, safety and sustainability topics, that become every day more and more relevant for the conservation of the planet.  In addition to EHSS topics, we discussed the use and implementation of technology in all our process to be more effective and efficient for our clients.  Clients? They were there too! A big thank you to the clients that joined us and shared with us their challenges, concerns and the way to work with them on a global basis.  It was two days of collaboration that allowed everyone to go home with substantial information and takeaways to incorporate into their daily business.

What is next? Inogen Associates are growing organically in different geographies and extending our capabilities to more countries. We are expanding our coverage in different markets through the daily strengthening of our technical knowledge related to:  donor entities, mergers & acquisitions, sustainability and energy, water risk management, and health & safety. We understand how the world is moving and we share its concerns, for that reason topics such as water, energy and technology have become more and more important for us. We will continue reinforcing our bonds beyond business, because that makes us powerful, because that makes us Inogen.  We are together by choice.

Finally: We will be together again October 27 to 30, 2019, this time in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  Join us and help us to continue strengthening this path that we have been building for almost 20 years, and that allows us to say aloud: Global Thinking. Local Delivery.

Paul Durkee, President & CEO, Inogen®