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Climate Neutral Mobile Network


The clients task definition and challenges were the following:

  • Ensuring credible CO2 neutrality in mobile networks by providing valid and secure data basis, using the PAS 2060 standard for external communication.
  • Developing and implementing measures to achieve CO2 neutrality
  • Collecting complete GHG emissions in the company through multiple countries & Scope 1, 2 und Scope 3
  • Identifying & implementing energy efficiency measures
  • Offsetting emissions that cannot be saved as the last step
  • External verification, interaction with critical stakeholders
Inogen Solution

denkstatt's solution approaches:

  • Systematic survey of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scopes 1,2,3)
  • Energy audits to determine the savings potential
  • Analysis and implementation of renewable energy plants (e.g. micro wind power plants on mobile masts; investment in PV park)
  • CO2 neutrality according to PAS 2060
  • Off-setting measures defined and implemented
  • Commitment within the scope of Science Based Targets
  • Participation in CDP ("Carbon Disclosure Project")
Client Benefits

These were the results and key findings after the project:

  • Successfully positioned in the market as the first CO2-neutral network
  • Solid database as a basis for strategic decisions
  • Continuous significant reduction of emissions
  • Knowledge of future options for actions up to 2050
  • Participation in Science Based Targets (SBT)
About the Client