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The Inogen Alliance operational structure is distinct when compared to peer organizations. We are unified as an Alliance of independent companies rather than joined as a single entity. This structure has provided our teams with the autonomy and local dexterity to consistently deliver results to our clients.

The scope of our current ESG Policy focuses on impacts driven by our collaborative engagements as an Alliance, primarily through the Alliance operations and meetings. Those impacts are what will be reflected within this ESG report.

Our report reflects our impact on People and the Planet as a ripple effect, with 3 key waves or influence

1 Our Alliance operations, including our team meetings and travel.
2 The nearly 80 independent Associate companies operations in over 200 offices around the world.
3 Thousands of clients globally on their ESG strategies, climate change solutions, compliance, health and safety, environmental impacts, and more, as ESG is embedded in all our traditional EHS and Sustainability services to multinational clients.

Our model of independent, geographically dispersed Associates committed to long-term partnership empowers our team to deliver agile and innovative solutions on a global scale. 

We recognized 2021 as an opportunity for growth, as many of our Associates returned to core functions of EHS audits that needed to be refreshed after delays driven by the pandemic during 2020. With an intensified focus on our core services, we look forward to growing our ESG influence and strategies across our global networks in line with our vision and purpose.

A message from the president
Angelique Dickson
President of Inogen Alliance
Celebrating 20 Years as an Alliance

What is Environmental Health & Safety and Sustainability?

In 2021, we at Inogen Alliance celebrated our 20th anniversary, marking two decades of success in delivering global Environmental, Health & Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) solutions. Our founding members envisioned a world that would elevate corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives into something new: a systematic network of trusted EHS&S social impact experts and strategic partners that spanned the globe. 
That vision has become a reality. Today, a global Alliance of partners, Associates, and friends provide outstanding support for social impact through corporate governance. In recent years, our Alliance has been instrumental in growing the global discourse—and raising the standards—around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). 

Why ESG Strategy is Proven Business Strategy

“Strong ESG performance has become a business imperative, critical to risk management and an indicator of organizational health and resilience.”

Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance

A strong ESG strategy has become a business imperative, critical to risk management, and an indicator of organizational health and resilience. Consistent ESG governance factors indicate an organization’s commitment to corporate citizenship around:

  • Climate change environmental impacts
  • Respect for human rights
  • An ambition to stay ahead of emerging ESG-related regulatory requirements

Gen Z and Shifting Investor Preferences

Recent growth in ESG may also be attributed to the values and priorities of Generation Z (people born in the late 1990s-2010s) and the broader market shift in preferences towards sustainable development, environmental issues, and socially responsible investing.
Additionally, within the institutional investor community, decision-makers have focused increasing scrutiny on ESG factors and bottom line ESG scores as a benchmark in evaluating mergers, acquisitions, investment funds, and sustainable investing metrics. Shareholders understand that ESG investing is also known in the capital markets community as impact investing—partly because it is so effective.

A Sincere Thank You

I want to take a moment to extend a personal thank you to our diverse provider Alliance, as each of our 78 Associates (making up 5,000 consultants!) brings unique skills and technical knowledge. Your work on ESG issues is of critical importance:

  • Evaluate climate change-related hazards
  • Calculate carbon footprints
  • Assess potential ESG risks
  • Evaluate watersheds for potential vulnerabilities
  • Help stakeholders set ambitious ESG criteria and inspire sustainable change

We aspire to integrate increasing rigor and functionality into our ESG program to ensure that our actions as a team align with our Alliance values. 

We are proud to present our inaugural ESG report as we celebrate two decades of collaboration and client service across the globe. I am pleased to share our journey in 2021 in the following report.

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