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Remediation project in a facility with a strong tar contamination where a former gas work plant was located in the past in the outskirts of Barcelona – Spain.

As MediTerra, Inogen Associate in Spain, we are pleased to announce that, in addition to our accreditation by ENAC under ISO 17.020 as inspection entity in contaminated soils, MediTerra is now accredited by the Department of Environmental Quality and Climate Change of the Catalan Government as a control entity in the field of prevention of soil contamination with the registration number 085-EC- SOL-R. According to the recent Catalan legislative framework, any soil investigation (including quantitative risk assessments) or remediation projects in Catalonia must be carried out by an accredited entity. MediTerra is capable to work in any region of Spain, where it is required to be registered and/or accredited to act in the field of soil contamination.