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We help clients understand the impact their products have on the environment, and aid in determining whether they are fit for circularity or eco design. We assess better ways to reuse and recycle their products and the materials within them. We have helped clients from a range of industries, including retail with a focus on their product packaging, to real estate with a focus on the purpose of a building and its impacts and change in use over time. 

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Guiding Sustainable Product Choices

What makes a Product Sustainable? The absence of toxins? A low Carbon Footprint? The Recyclability of its Packaging? Design for Circularity? How about all of the above… and then some. And how can you design your product to have the least impact on climate change? It is a really exciting time to be developing the metrics and generating the facts and figures to guide consumer choices.

joachim kircher
Joachim Kircher
denkstatt, Austria

Understand Your Products' Impact.

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Services include:

  • Sustainable product design/ecodesign
  • Implementation of sustainability criteria in innovation process
  • Circularity
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Product Carbon Footprints (PCF), packaging solutions/evaluation
  • EPR (extended producer responsibility)

Key results:

  • Recommendations for implementing circularity into the business model/ production process
  • Comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment of products
  • Analysis of current Product Carbon Footprints, with mitigation goals and recommendations on how to reach those goals
Sustainable Product Analysis/Consulting