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Inogen Alliance delivers efficient and consistent environmental, health and safety, (EHS) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) due diligence services that facilitate informed business decisions around mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. We help you to avoid uncertainty and surprises by identifying, assessing and prioritizing your EHS risks, allowing you to monitor and control potential negative impacts to your business as well as capitalize on potential opportunities through diligence process.

Although financial returns remain the key driver for investors, ESG has now become a key part of investment decisions for those acquiring businesses including supply chain and social human rights topics. We are able to advise investors on ESG strategies with wider benefits that can be realized over the lifetime of the investment with a view to providing more significant increases in asset value. To demonstrate this, we can also provide return on investment (ROI) evaluations and monetize ESG risks and investments.

Where significant uncertainties exist, we offer financial and risk modeling to help build a comfort level that risks can be managed and incorporated into the deal. Our post-transaction diligence process allow you to strategize onboarding, integration and business continuity considerations with asset and operational business integration.  

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Minimise Risk and Strengthen Responsible Business Practices Worldwide

At Inogen Alliance, we enable enterprises to navigate their international merger and acquisition transactions seamlessly and effectively using local expertise through our global connections. With rising regulatory pressures and demand from stakeholders, our team is here to support investors to minimise their risks and strengthen their dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices worldwide.

Lean Phuah
Lean Phuah
Tonkin + Taylor, New Zealand

Environmental, Health and Safety, Prioritized.

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Every transaction is an independent journey, and we, therefore, offer a range of approaches to meet client requirements, ranging from high-level traffic light assessments to comprehensive detailed reporting. With over 200 offices located on every continent, we have the capability and global reach to mobilize resources to support any deal, anywhere in the world with a local perspective.

Our international team of experts includes environmental professionals specializing in areas such as Environmental Permitting, Environmental Compliance, Health & Safety, Sustainability, ESG, Subsurface Characterization, Energy Management, Air Quality, Waste Management, Climate Risk and EHS Management Systems.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services include:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Material EHS Compliance Reviews
  • Comprehensive liability assessments and deal advising
  • EHS advisory support with insurance underwriters and legal (deal negotiations)
  • PFAS risk evaluations
  • Decommissioning and site closure support for divestitures or post-acquisition restructuring
  • Pre-transaction site characterization (Phase II site investigations) to close areas of uncertainty
  • Geologic and geotechnical surveys for future site development considerations
  • Climate change and risk assessment
  • Carbon and transitions
  • Transactional ESG screening and benchmarking – ESG risk identification
  • Perform gap assessments, site inspections, record-keeping, and reporting
  • Analysis of acquired subsurface liabilities and regulatory path-to-closure support 
  • Assessment against International Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards and World Bank Group (WBG) EHS guidelines.   
  • Preparation of corrective action plans and/or environmental social action plan (ESAP)
  • Post Transaction Support
    • Permitting, waste management, EMS etc.
    • Corrective Action - Tracking and Closure of issues identified during due diligence
    • Develop and implement site-specific procedures for EHS  
    • Develop and provide employee training  

Key results:

  • Successful incorporation of EHS and ESG related risks, liabilities, and opportunities into deal financial modeling for international acquisitions and mergers
  • Successful characterization and management of EHS risks and liabilities for asset and operational divestitures
  • Successful onboarding and integration of new assets and operations into your business
Corporate EHS Due Diligence – International Mergers and Acquisitions