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Inogen Environmental Alliance would like to announce that SIET Co. Ltd. was approved by the Inogen Board of Directors as new Associate on January 14, 2019, SIET Co. Ltd.  SIET is a privately-owned energy and environment consultancy with core businesses in renewable technology development, environmental engineering design and implementation, and environmental health and safety (EHS) management.

Also, SIET and Michael Liang would like to announce that in May 2019, as a result of corporate restructuring of ESD China, Michael and his EHS management team have migrated from ESD China to SIET.  With this addition, SIET’s team consists of professional engineers, senior energy specialists, senior environmental economists, certified environmental impact assessment engineers, certified industrial hygienists (CIH) and certified safety professionals (CSP).

ESD China remains an Inogen Associate with remediation and environmental consultancy resources available to perform work in China.