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Inogen Alliance is published in The Responsible Business Campaign with Business Reporter and The Independent on how businesses are making progress on their ESG journeys. The article also embeds our short documentary on The Road to a More Sustainable Future emphasizing where businesses can make the most impact and begin their journeys.

Check out an excerpt below and the full article on Business Reporter here and on The Independent here.

We all understand the bigger picture. We all know that tackling the climate crisis needs to be at the very top of our global list of priorities. But the impact of the economy and energy crisis felt by businesses across Europe has left many companies experiencing paralysis when it comes to starting their sustainability journey. 

In March 2022, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) published the Global Assessment Report (GAR 2022), which stated that by the year 2030 there will be 560 climate-related disasters globally per year – disasters such as extreme drought, wildfires, cyclones and floods. As the number of climate-related disasters increases, so does the economic cost to businesses. With an average cost of $170 billion per year across the world during the past decade, and the number of climate-related disasters predicted to continue to rise, companies must adapt to be resilient to the effects of extreme weather events. 

When faced with challenges such as this, individual businesses must think about their own resilience. Our Associates at Inogen Alliance, including GEOtest, DGE Group and HPC, have clients that are looking for advice on how they can look at their own resilience as well as global impacts. 

“ESG done well is not about ticking boxes and achieving ratings,” says Jordi Boronat, Managing Director of our Associate MediTerra Consultures Ambientals S.L. in Spain. “It’s about doing better business, increasing business resilience, identifying and mitigating risks and improving the future outcomes for your organisation. The big global drivers are clear. It impacts businesses on every level.” 

From the more than 78 independent Associate companies that make up Inogen Alliance, this campaign was co-sponsored by Delta-Simons, DGE Group, Geotest, HPC, and MediTerra. 

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