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constructed wetlands

Our global Remediation Working Group hosted a webinar on 3 November, check out the on-demand webinar recording below!

The use of constructed wetlands as a simple and effective approach for domestic wastewater treatment has been around for a while. But recently, using them for industrial waste treatment and remediation has rapidly become a very feasible and cost-effective green remediation alternative.

There are numerous benefits to using a constructed wetlands approach: the plants & biological processes provide the treatment for the pollutants; energy consumption of the system is negligible – or even zero; operational and maintenance costs are minimal; there is no visual nuisance; and effluent water can even be used to enhance the biological process in the soil. Furthermore, newly developed models now allow for the assessment of treatment efficiency and project costs earlier in the engineering and design process – saving more time and money.

  • We address the basic principles of a wetland.
  • We share data from two existing constructed wetlands projects treating chlorinated solvents and discuss practical experiences such as treatment efficiency, seasonal effects, and potential evaporation of pollutants.
  • We look into the future and explore potential new applications for using constructed wetlands.

Check out the On-Demand webinar recording!

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