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ExxonMobil inspects fire safety assets with Antea Group Insights (AGI)

Demonstrating compliance with safety laws and regulations is a growing challenge for every company, especially as the regulations become stricter and more demanding.

In July 2019 ExxonMobil (in Rotterdam, the Netherlands) became the first client to switch from iEHS to Antea Group Insights. Antea Group Insights (AGI) is the successor of iEHS (a database-based system) and provides the client with real-time GEO tagged information on compliance to safety regulations based on the progress and results of asset inspections.

The starting point was to build a user-friendly and efficient system that supports the client's need to perform inspections, monitor the progress of inspections, manage the results of the inspections and be able to demonstrate compliance to the competent authority. Parts of the system were specially designed for ExxonMobil. The staggering number of various assets, in combination with the variation in inspection frequency, posed a challenge for building a fast and simultaneously flexible inspection system. The resulting system offers a good solution for inspections of a range of assets for many other customers.


How does it work?

Antea Group Insights is a geo-information-based system, that tracks the progress and results of (required) inspections, therefore tracking compliance to relevant safety regulations. Every asset should be inspected and tested conform specific and often multiple requirements, on e.g. weekly, monthly or yearly basis. AGI connects each asset with relevant surveys based on the specific requirements for that asset. The assets to be inspected are tied to a geographical location.

The surveyor inspects the assets using a mobile device (e.g. a tablet): by clicking on an asset on a map the surveyor calls up a relevant survey, which is specific to this asset and the frequency at which it is inspected. The data collected by the surveyors is visualised in an interactive dashboard through smart use of graphs and filters. The state of affairs regarding the inspections, and the status of your assets with an up-to-date overview of any defects found during inspections, is immediately visible at any desired moment.

Antea Group Insights was positively received by all users within ExxonMobil. The system is intuitive and the surveyors started using the tool immediately after a short introduction. The surveyors are very satisfied with the speed and ease of carrying out the inspections. The asset manager is satisfied with the flexibility of the system: inspections can easily be assigned to the inspectors, assets can be taken out of the inspection rounds in case of long-term maintenance. The management of the plant is content with the dashboard - you can see the progress of the inspections at a glance, and - not unimportantly - considerably less capacity is required to meet all inspection obligations.


Why use Antea Group Insights?

  • AGI is fully configurable to meet the clients’ needs and can be based on any (mix of) legal, HSE and other requirements (e.g. API, NFPA etc.) for any type of assets
  • Determine who does which inspections - every surveyor and department may have different responsibilities
  • Minimal training is required due to user-friendly and intuitive design of the system
  • Data entry through mobile devices (both iOS and Android compatible)
  • Compliance reporting made easy through a visual and interactive dashboard
  • Data is presented real time (in case of available internet connection in the field)
  • Trend analysis, incl. historical data from previous database is possible
  • Offline mode available (upload the results easily when you are connected to the internet)


Current Applications of Antea Group Insights

  • Inspections of many types of safety provisions (work, explosion, fire, etc.) at industrial locations
  • Inspections of soil protection facilities
  • Inspections of permit requirements
  • Inspections of assets in public spaces (safety assets, but also trees, rubbish bins, lamp posts etc.)


Future Applications of Antea Group Insights

  • Incorporation of AGI with Digital Twin. More and more companies are turning their assets into a digital 3D clone that differs little to nothing from the real version.
  • Incorporation of frequent drone scans and clickable assets within AGI inspection routine.
  • Inspections within buildings (3D).

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More information:

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