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ESG Policy

Inogen Alliance has launched its new ESG Policy (Environmental, Social and Governance), leading the charge by bringing the Alliance in line with the world's most visionary businesses. It was drafted by our own experts within our Global Sustainability ESG Committee, well-versed in creating similar practices for our clients. This international group worked together to create focus areas and commitments for 2021 providing a diverse and global lens.

The ESG Policy focuses on six different areas:

1. Environment and Climate Change
2. Diversity and Inclusion
3. Business Ethics and Governance
4. Health and Safety
5. Associates’ Excellence
6. Reporting and Accountability

The Policy will not only serve to guide Inogen Alliance around ESG, but will serve as an inspiration to our Associates and clients. According to the Inogen Alliance President, Angelique Dickson, “Our ESG Policy committee has done an amazing job of putting the policy together to challenge and inspire us to do better and do more.”

The Inogen Alliance Board is also excited about the knowledge-sharing opportunities across the Alliance and the potential for helping clients. Peylina Chu, Inogen Alliance Board Chair and Vice President at Antea Group USA says “As businesses recognize that strong ESG performance translates to strong business performance and a better world for everyone, Inogen Alliance is pleased to publicly share our commitment to ESG and to create stronger ESG practices to improve local communities and local businesses in 150+ countries where our Associates operate. We have the opportunity to share knowledge across the Alliance and inspire all of our Associates to strengthen their own environmental, social and governance practices. By helping our clients capitalize on ESG opportunities and creating positive impacts in some of the most challenging countries we will contribute to creating a better world for everyone.”

You can read the full ESG Policy here.