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environment analyst ranking

Inogen Alliance is pleased to share we have been ranked 11th in Environment Analyst’s Top 100 Environmental & Sustainability Consultancy Firms for 2022 when totaling all Associate companies as part of the Alliance (officially ranked 50th when removing Associate Antea Group which is ranked #14). The report identifies the world’s largest environmental & sustainability (E&S) consulting firms in 2022.


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The rankings, researched and curated by global sustainability membership & intelligence community Environment Analyst, identify the largest environmental and sustainability consulting consultancies in the world, based on figures reflecting the 2020/21 financial year.

EA put together a global analysis of consultants in a 2021 – 2022 report and identified a strength for Inogen Alliance as “(having a) presence of local environmental service providers allows Inogen Alliance to offer truly local expertise for their clients (as well as attractive fee rates and procurement advantages) but with the benefits of corporate oversight and the embedded QA processes of a much larger multinational consulting firm.”

Environment Analyst’s Top 100 report is constructed based upon global E&S consulting revenue from the latest audited fiscal year-end. The unique, comprehensive dataset was compiled through rigorous research of, and engagement with, the leading firms, and provides critical, independent market intelligence to help business owners, directors, and investors with their planning and investment decisions.

Each of the Top 100 firms were ranked in order of E&S consulting revenue, and classified under one of three categories: environmental specialist, mid-range multidisciplinary, or large-scale integrated/ multidisciplinary professional services.

Environment Analyst’s definition of environmental & sustainability consulting is: “The provision of specialist technical, management, risk and strategic advisory services to help organizations understand, manage and limit their impacts, to protect and enhance the environment and society in line with the UN SDGs”.

Download the full Top 100 Report here.

About Inogen Alliance

Inogen Alliance is a global network of environment, health, safety and sustainability consulting companies working together to help multinational organizations meet their global commitments locally.  With offices located on every continent, more than 5,000 associates worldwide, and projects completed in more than 150 countries, Inogen Alliance provides unparalleled local consulting expertise, global consistency and 20 years of experience building a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future. Global Thinking. Local Delivery.Learn more at


About Antea Group 

Antea®Group is an environment, health, safety, and sustainability consulting firm. By combining strategic thinking with technical expertise, we do more than effectively solve client challenges; we deliver sustainable results for a better future. We work in partnership with and advise many of the world’s most sustainable companies to address ESG-business challenges in a way that fits their pace and unique objectives. Our consultants equip organizations to better understand threats, capture opportunities and find their position of strength. Lastly, we maintain a global perspective on ESG issues through not only our work with multinational clients, but also through our sister organizations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America and as a founding member of the Inogen Alliance. Learn more at  

About Environment Analyst

Environment Analyst is a global sustainability membership and intelligence community with a remit to track performance and opportunities within the environmental services sector, and a particular focus on the environmental and sustainability consulting market, and the associated professional and technical support services market.

Membership to Environment Analyst includes company-wide access to their entire market intelligence library, which features numerous, bespoke market intelligence reports, data-sets and over 60 competitor analysis profiles. Environment Analyst also provides crucial business news and insight on the environmental and sustainability services space.

For more information about the report please contact senior analyst and lead report author Brian Noer at brian [dot] noer [at] environment-analyst [dot] com.

For more information about Environment Analyst and their membership services contact Lisa Turner at lisa [dot] turner [at] environment-analyst [dot] com.