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covid-19 global view

Experiencing this unprecedented global Covid-19 pandemic is both personally and professionally challenging no matter where you live or work. We are being tested with a new concept of health security as we navigate our first modern pandemic.  Health and Safety Professionals, especially, are working under a lens of uncertainty with an unending stream of difficult questions about the health, safety and well-being of the employees in their care.   

At Inogen, we too have colleagues around the world supporting the health and safety of our own organizations as well as the needs of our clients. We are on the front lines, helping organizations respond to this unprecedented global crisis, using our 5,000 consultants in 280 offices around the globe to ease the health and safety burden and bring local expertise to this crisis. Our EHS professionals in China are working with global companies to get their operations back on-line and open for business. Our teams in Italy are sheltered in place working with our clients to keep training requirements up to date, answer questions, and prepare for more normal days in the future.  In the US, we are supporting ergonomics for working at home, and helping our clients understand the regulatory climate as governments around the world respond to the pandemic. Each of our teams have a unique story in every one of the 71 countries we work in. 

Keeping Your Head Up 

For all of the overwhelmed EHS managers out there, the Inogen Alliance wants you to know that you are not alone.  Whether your company was prepared with a detailed pandemic plan or you are just trying to stay afloat, you are now part of an elite team viewing their profession from a new perspective. Even the best prepared plans are being challenged during this crisis. Who could have imagined that you would need to consider the health and safety of thousands of employees working from home around the world? Let alone understand the regulatory framework in each country? We understand that it is difficult to help your company stay open for business and keep employees safe. Our consultants in the Inogen Alliance are thinking about these challenges and are ready to help. If you need extra capacity, our team can do as little as answering a regulatory question or helping you with a re-opening plan for your offices, to being your eyes and ears on the ground. 

The New Normal

The new normal is going to require some new ways of thinking about employee health and safety. As a global Alliance of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability professionals, we are proud to be providing behind the scenes expertise to global companies that are demonstrating inspiring leadership during this difficult time.  We are also proud to have flexible and innovative associates coming up with new ways of working and providing services remotely to continue serving our client’s needs. When businesses look to re-open and move into different phases of social distancing, we will be here to help our clients understand how to best approach these changes. We are here to help you navigate more confidently in a very uncertain world.