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The Michelin Group has chosen Antea Group, in close collaboration with the Inogen environmental alliance, to sign a "world" framework contract for the provision of Phase I, II and III sites and polluted soils. The project was set to be done between 2016 and 2019.

The results of these evaluations have to:

  • Enable Michelin to have a clear picture of the environmental situation of the sites; 
  • Identify potential gaps in environmental regulation/past and present asbestos and Michelin's internal standards;
  • List potential additional actions required for remediation or risk management;
  • Obtain an estimation of the cost of clean-up actions.

Antea Group has extensive experience with Michelin in France for the assessment and management of environmental liabilities and the establishment and validation of environmental reserves. The partners of the Inogen alliance ensure for these missions the coverage of more than 20 countries in which Michelin is present.

This project began in 2016 and will be completed by 2019.