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Inogen Associate Meeting - Ho Chi Minh-Vietnam - October 2019

This is my last President´s Message!  At the end of October 2019 my term as Inogen President came to an end.  I have been the President for 7 years and have been an active part of Inogen since its inception in 2000! The recent changes in the membership structure have brought about a very positive working relationship between Inogen Associates and of course with our clients!  Inogen is well positioned for the next twenty years! I am very excited of the prospects for Inogen going forward under direction of the new President – Angie Dickson Stagg.  She will be introducing herself and vision for Inogen elsewhere in this edition of Insights.

We Just finished up our autumn Inogen Associate meeting in Ho Chi Minh City with over 80 participants from around the world participating in three days of meetings.  The meeting was hosted by our Vietnamese Associate – CleanTech.  On the second afternoon, we had clients from Amazon and Johnson Electric in the room and a representative from Estee Lauder Skyped in at 2am in the morning her time for her presentation!  That is dedication to EHS&S and working with Inogen.  Each client presented their thoughts on working with their respective companies and their upcoming EHS&S strategies and plans. 

In addition to clients attending, I was able to announce Inogen’s submittal to the Environment Analyst’s (EA) Global 23 list of top environment consultancies!  The placement on the list is determined primarily by annual revenue.   Inogen worked with EA to use Inogen’s consolidated revenue (less Antea Group, as they are already on the list).  The threshold to be on the list is $100,000,000 in annual revenue and Inogen’s revenue was $190,000,000.  Inogen will be listed as one of the top 23 global EHS&S firms.  This is a great accomplishment for Inogen and reflects the very good work we do for our collective clients around the world.  More information will be shared in the Spring of 2020 when EA formally announces the global list.

I have truly enjoyed leading Inogen for the past 7 years.  Great and lasting friendships were made along the way.  I can honestly say I have friends in over 70 countries!  Inogen is a unique alliance primarily that after 20 years it is still thriving and growing.  Thank you again for allowing me to be a major part of the Inogen journey!  All the best for the future.

Paul Durkee