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Many things are happening for these days in Inogen, and I am more than happy to share all this good news with you:

Founded in 2001, Inogen has successfully grown both in size and diversity of service offerings to its global clients. Left unchanged, Inogen could continue to run smoothly as it has in the past. However, Inogen is currently operating in an increasingly crowded and competitive global marketplace, creating the need to have a structure that responds in the best way possible to these changes. We have been thinking deeply during the last year about the best way to reinforce our network to serve clients globally, and as an alliance of companies that are excited and committed to be working together, today proudly we want to welcome to this new stage of Inogen, in which we launch a new model that will expand our capabilities to do what is best for our Clients, Associates, Communities and Employees.

The new operating model eliminates the former two-tier network of Associates and GlobalNet Members and allows an expansion and growth more readily, a better definition and positioning of the Inogen brand in an increasingly competitive market. It will also eliminate confusion and disparity caused by two-tier member network.

In this new Inogen stage, it will be a full visibility of Associates on Inogen website and access to internal resources, enabling Associates to take a more meaningful investment position and create a more diverse and representative Board of Directors. Next month you will see our new website and after that, a new IKC (Inogen Knowledge Center) will be launched, including an interactive platform to improve the experience of Inogen Members.

Today, I can introduce almost 80 Associates that belong to our network. We can provide support for all our clients with more than 200 offices around the world, in 64 countries, with more than 6000 employees and developed projects in more than 120 countries. These are good numbers, that shows you the daily effort that we do to bring global thinking and local delivery to all our clients.

We officially launched this new operating model last April in Malmö – Sweden, at the Inogen Associate Meetings where we had 45 Associates and 35 countries sharing experiences and best practices, and we closed the week with the version 34 of the Inogen WorldView®Conference, which was focused on two key areas in sustainable business, securing sustainable supply chains and shifting to circular business models, with around 120 Attendees in the room.

A warm welcome from my side to all our new Associates, a grateful thank you to all our existing Associates for all the work together, and I encourage you to empower your teams to continue working until now, with quality and good practices for all our clients. To our clients, I can say, proudly, #We Are Inogen and we are here for you!

Contact for More Information:

Name: Paul Durkee
Associate / Client Company: Inogen
E-Mail: Paul [dot] durkee [at] anteagroup [dot] com