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EHS webinars

We have multiple webinars across our Inogen Alliance Associates coming up in late November into December, check out the topics on Sustainability in the construction sector and the circular economy, Virtual Engineering Week, and the Environmental Impact of Products. 


denkstatt & DGE -Sustainability in construction sector

When: 25 November, 15-16 CET/16-17 EET

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More and more real estate developers (and investors) are asking themselves how to create long-term value by creating more sustainable buildings and districts. To do so, they need to address sustainability in their projects in an integrated and both comprehensive and focused way: Developing, operationalizing and communicating strategic sustainability objectives is essential to create long-term value while also reducing costs and increasing quality of life.

In this webinar we are talking about our experiences in Sweden and Austria in the context of the international real estate business. Examples ranging from criteria for sustainable real estate investors to technological solutions and reuse models will be addressed.

We will shed light on the importance of organizational measures, including inclusive planning, procurement, building process, municipal reuse organizations, labeling, and other elements for increased sustainability performance in real estate. We will also show you a practical case study on how the procurement of construction projects can be used as a tool for circular economy.

What can you expect:

  • An introduction to EU level initiatives and policies on Circular economy, such as the Green deal and Circular Economy Action plan. How will these affect the real estate sector?
  • A comprehensive approach to sustainable real estate: Addressing driving forces and areas of action for more sustainable buildings and districts by developing, operationalizing and communicating strategic sustainability objectives.
  • A case study on circularity in procurement of construction projects from the City of Gothenburg, Sweden. DGE took part in a study developing a practical approach to including circularity in public procurement of construction projects. The study is now nominated to the prize ’Circular initiative of the year’.


Nan Kjellberg (DGE, Sweden) – Senior strategic advisor and team manager within sustainable business and circular economy.

Andreas Lindinger (denkstatt, Austria) – Senior consultant on smart urban management and decarbonisation, with a focus on sustainable real estate, mobility and logistics.

Sofi Ahlström (DGE, Sweden) – Senior environmental and sustainability advisor. Sofi has a long experience of working with the construction sector.


Virtual Engineering Week

When: November 30 - December 4

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The Virtual Engineering Week conference will dive into key issues and trends affecting engineers right now, with over 100 sessions across five days. The event will feature an expansive educational program with daily keynotes, expert panel discussions, and live Q&As covering everything from 3D printing and next-gen technologies to packaging trends, materials and sustainability.

Thursday, December 3, 2020 | 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time

Don't miss the panel discussion with Peylina Chu, Chair of the Board of Inogen Alliance and Executive Director of Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council, Nick Packet, MD&M Specialist and Packaging Engineer at Dupont, and Bob Render, Business Development Manager for Sustainability at Ravago.

What you can expect:

  • Opportunities on the horizon that could enable the recycling of healthcare and medical device packaging waste
  • Challenges and opportunities for using post-consumer recycled (PCR) and post-industrial recycled (PIR) content in healthcare applications
  • Pressing regulatory, technical, infrastructure, and economic barriers to recycling and promoting circularity in healthcare plastics


Understanding the Environmental Impact of Products – Demystifying the World of Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint

When: Wed. December 2, 2020 – 10am – 11am CET

Free registration link:

What makes a product sustainable? The absence of toxins? A low carbon footprint? The recyclability of its packaging? How about all of the above… and then some. It is a really exciting time to be developing the metrics and generating the facts and figures to guide consumer choices. Reducing societies impact on the environment is more important than ever before and the big lever lies in improving the environmental performance of products. Join us for the first step on this journey, assessing the environmental impacts of products along their entire life cycle.

What can you expect:

  • Setting the scene (benefits & uses)
  • Step by step approach (performing a LCA)
  • Interpreting results (reading a PCF/LCA)

About the speakers:

DI Florian Krautzer, MPhys - Manager Circular Economy at denkstatt Austria

  • Master of Physics (MPhys) from Universtiy of Manchester, UK
  • MSc in Environment and Bio-Resource Management from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, AT
  • 12 years Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment experience in International Organisations, Academia and Consultancy.

Peter Seizov, Senior Consultant at Denkstatt Bulgaria

  • 12 years of experience in the area of sustainable development, including climate change adaptation and mitigation, energy management, national, municipal and company greenhouse gas emission inventories, lifecycle and carbon footprint analyses and statistical data analysis.
  • Experience spans across multiple industrial sectors (mining, pulp&paper, retail, food & beverages, energy and telecoms) in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Key expert preparing the Bulgarian GHG inventory for the Energy & Road Transport sectors and he is a UNFCCC energy expert on annual review of national GHG inventory reports, as well as a technical expert for the Bulgarian Accrediting Service Executive Agency for the assessment of the compliance of the Bulgarian verification organs for EU Emission Trading Scheme reports.


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