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We have multiple webinars on EHS topics coming up this fall from our global Associates including Antea Group France, Antea Group USA, Chola, denkstatt, denxpert and ESC. Check out the details below and watch our LinkedIn page for more upcoming events.

Sept 21: Antea Group France: Circular Economy in Project of Deconstruction of buildings

How to ensure the materials are sorted and reused / 5am EDT / 11am CEST (Paris) Register and find more information here.

The AGEC law (Anti Waste for a Circular Economy) introduces the concepts of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility), reuse and exit from waste status. As of January 1, 2022, it requires a diagnosis of Products, Equipment, Materials and Waste (PEMD) before work for deconstructions of more than 1000m2 and for significant renovations. Associated with growing societal expectations in terms of environmental protection and the preservation of resources, these changes will disrupt deconstruction projects in the years to come.

The circular economy will have to be integrated very early on. Digital tools will become essential to ensure this change, and digital PEMD diagnosis will become the centerpiece of the optimization of selective deconstruction.

During this webinar, Xavier Nickles, Asbestos Deconstruction Project Director at Antea Group and Marie Dominique BOGO, founder of batiRIM®, will explain how to implement the circular economy in your deconstruction projects.

Public or private client, real estate actor, property manager? Do you want to understand the implications of the AGEC law for your projects? Sign up.

Sept 23: ESC Risk Assessment: How to reduce your risk and liabilities? 

Register and find more information here

Risk assessments are a useful tool to determine potential workplace safety and health risks for both employees and customers in your stores. It is a cornerstone of the workplace safety and health framework to foster an accident-prevention culture.

Risk management involves:

  • Conducting risk assessments of work activities.
  • Controlling and monitoring the risks of work activities.
  • Communicating the risks to all stakeholders.

Join us in this webinar as our experts Sabine Ramaker and Jacky Liu will show you how your workplace must conduct regular risk assessments to identify the source of risks. After that, you should take reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise the risks.

Sept 28: Antea Group USA: When It Rains, It’s Really Going to Pour: Getting a Handle on Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities through TCFD 

2pm EDT (1800 UTC) Register and find more information here.

The impacts of climate change are real and the expectations on business are increasing. In the United States alone, the number of costly severe weather events has more than doubled since the 1980s. Companies, communities, and governments are adjusting to a new normal and a dynamic future. Investors are increasingly focused on how companies are adapting to the physical and regulatory changes that we’re seeing, and that’s where the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) comes in.

We’re excited to invite you to join Antea Group’s leading TCFD experts for an engaging webcast, When It Rains, It’s Really Going to Pour: Getting a Handle on Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities through TCFD. We’ll demystify the process for developing TCFD disclosures and share practical approaches that can lead to better business outcomes with presenters Nick Kimball and Nick Martin.

By attending the webinar, you can expect to gain:

  • Insight on climate-related risks that businesses face today, and how those risks will evolve over time
  • Advice on how to not be overwhelmed by climate scenario analysis
  • An understanding of the benefits for businesses who proactively plan for and respond to climate-related risks
  • Tips for analyzing climate-related risks without a PhD in climate and atmospheric science


Sept. 29: denkstatt / Sustainable Procurement: How Companies Can Help to Establish Sustainable Supply Chains.

10 - 11am CEST Register and find more information here.

Companies face increasing demands and regulations for implementing sustainability across their entire value chain. Particular focus is on company’s purchasing departments. They are considered as multiplier and driver of sustainability across the value chain. In this webinar, we will highlight the particular importance of purchasing departments for the sustainability performance of companies as well as dive into potential business cases. Furthermore, we will introduce important processes and levers how buyers can implement sustainability measures and which tools, standards and cooperation opportunities exist to support them. Presenting this webinar is Michaela Goette-Köse and Dr. Albert Hans Baur.

Sept 30: Antea Group France: Is my site affected by the Post-Lubrizol II requirements? 

5am EDT / 11am CEST (Paris) Register and find more information here.

Following the accident at the Lubrizol and Normandie Logistique sites in September 2019, several ministerial decrees were issued in 2020, thus reinforcing the regulatory requirements applicable to fire risk management.

The scope of these new ministerial decrees published or modified can now affect you if you operate an installation using flammable liquids, combustible materials, mobile containers, warehouse areas.

The purpose of this webinar is not to give an explained reading of these texts, but to help you determine in a practical way if you are concerned by these sometimes complex regulations and if so, to identify the actions to be implemented.

Bich-Quan Vergely, Expert in Regulatory Files and Industrial Risks, and Cyril Pujol, Project Director at Antea Group, will explain to you the points of vigilance concerning the scope of application, concrete examples and the recommended steps to bring you into compliance.

denxpert Webinar Series on EHS Compliance Challenges and Solutions

Click here for more information and links to register

EHS experts are engineers not lawyers, however, they are expected to deal with the compliance of their organizations. With our experts we will discuss how companies can handle these challenges, share best practices, and show real life examples to reduce risks and save resources at the same time.

We are currently conducting a European research on the compliance status and attitude of large and medium organizations, and the results will be shared in the webinar, as well.

  • October 5 – Attila Jenei (Denkstatt) is presenting (in Hungarian)
  • October 19 – Alizabeth Smith (Antea Group US) is presenting, (in English)
  • October 21 – Bernhard Kasper (denkstatt) is presenting (in German)
  • November 4 – Anne Gourdin and Xavier Peller (HPC) are presenting (in French)

Associate Webinars on-demand

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