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We approach facility optimization differently than our competitors do. To us, every site requires out-of-the-box thinking with new and innovative ways of problem solving. Rather than performing standard solutions, each facility optimization project we do is tailored to our client and the location in which they operate. We provide global expertise to come up with global resolutions that can be implemented efficiently at the local level. When finding ways to increase a facility’s workforce optimization, we look at metrics such as energy efficiency, resource efficiency, water use, carbon footprint, and more. We work across many industries with experience in retail, food & beverage, manufacturing, real estate, chemical, technology and more.

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Healthy Indoor Environments

The current global health situation has put a focus on indoor air quality. Maintaining a safe and healthy indoor environment per heath expert recommendations has increased HVAC system’s energy use. Finding ways to maintain a safe environment while keeping operating expenses and green house gas emission has gained a lot of attention.

eric tu
Eric Tu
Antea Group, USA

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Facility Needs.

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Services include:

  • Water and energy efficiency, material efficiency
  • CO2 foot printing
  • Water foot printing
  • Energy management
  • Source water/carbon management

Key results:

  • Analysis of areas for improvement to increase facility performance
  • Specific recommendations on ways to optimize a facility 
  • Increased awareness of resource use within a company’s facilities 
  • Identification of goals/targets for the future to maintain an efficient facility
Facility Optimization