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denxpert EHS&S software Ltd. is a Budapest, Hungary based company active in the EHS&S software development and consulting sphere. We developed from a consulting firm to become an innovative and customized digital solution provider with a consultant mindset behind it. Our professional roots go back as far as 2006. Approximately half of our staff are EHS&S experts with long track records in consulting and client responsibilities and the other half are digitalization experts. We believe in the value of digitalization and we are also regarded with this expertise within Inogen Alliance. We consider our services to be amongst the easiest solutions to implement in the international market with a local support network. We provide digital services in the compliance, waste, air, water, chemical, safety and sustainability topics.

Our headquarter is in Hungary where we support approximately 3000 clients with our tools and services. Currently 50% of waste in Hungary is meeting our solutions on their way from cradle to grave, but we are also a market leader in legal compliance, environmental reporting, safety, and chemical management. 5 out of the 10 biggest companies in the country are our clients.


1037 Seregély u. 6., Budapest, Hungary






Róbert Szücs-Winkler

+36 20 969 5059

denxpert - Hungary Offices

1037 Seregély u. 6., Budapest, Hungary

1037 Seregély u. 6., Budapest, Hungary

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