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jennifer o'grady
j.ogrady [at]

Where do you live, and where do your companies operate?

I live in Toronto, Canada, which is the capital of the province of Ontario, and the largest city in Canada. Terrapex operates primarily out of three offices in southern Ontario, and we have recently added two satellite operations in western Canada.

What is your background and role?

My background is in chemical engineering, with an environmental specialty. I have 30 years of experience in environmental consulting, focusing on site assessment and remediation. I’ve spent all but seven of those years with Terrapex, helping the company grow and develop. As President, I oversee the operational aspects of the company, while maintaining technical involvement in selected projects. My goals are to ensure that our corporate values are integral to every project completed, that the expectations of our clients are met or exceeded, and that our staff are engaged and challenged in the execution of their work.

How long have you been a part of Inogen Alliance and what value does Inogen bring to you as a member?

I’ve been involved in Inogen since Terrapex joined in 2015, and became a board member in 2020. Being a member of Inogen has given Terrapex opportunities to provide new services for clients across the country which we wouldn’t otherwise have as a small-to-medium sized firm. Inogen also enables us to sees trends coming from Europe and the U.S., which tend to be precursors of what the industry does in Canada.